The eThos ethos

eThos Electric Car Share, LLC, was founded by Tim Prior in 2014 with the intent of helping advance the popularity and appeal of electric vehicles (EV). With 13 Coda EVs, one Tesla named Tessy and a dream to help change the way our society looks at transportation, eThos launched in November 8th, 2014. eThos Electric Car Share developed a devoted membership base, and satisfied many travelers with their unique service. Membership grew steadily and topped out at over 120 local and international members. Our launch day:

The name eThos came from the notion that founder Tim Prior articulated in his original marketing and brand promise: to build right-size infrastructure for maximizing daily use. “As the transportation world changes, our current model of development is seeming less and less reasonable,” he said in a talk at the Colorado school of Mines in 2014. “We build automobile infrastructure, like parking lots, to be fully utilized once or twice a year. It is more efficient to built more manageable spaces and then make some minor compromise via alternative transportation once or twice a year. Our ethos towards development can make our lives better and our cities more efficient. And electric carsharing can help us get there,” he told the audience of students and faculty.

The marketing and branding was fun and innovative, and expressed our special brand identity: fun, fresh and environmentally friendly.

Learning opportunities were frequent as eThos gained a footing in multiple downtown Denver residential facilities and public spaces. The eThos team attended many events and festivals in and around Denver and spread the news about the pleasant and affordable electric car. Many people enjoyed leaning about EVs inherent efficiency, fun operation and ability to be completely sustainable powered.

Ultimately, due mainly to a changing transportation landscape, the decision was made to end formal service as of March 2016, though eThos did support some ridership until the end of 2016 via Turo, Uber, Lyft, and HyreCar.

Thanks to everyone who contributed their time and effort to the dream!

Epilogue: Most of the Codas were sold to Colorado buyers, who are driving these partly Colorado made (drive train made by UQM in Longmont), on 15% renewable energy and making the air a bit fresher on the Front Range. The eThos Chevy Spark EV is currently for sale, please contact for details.